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NOTE: By running your Kaa Sandbox instance on AWS EC2 you may incur the associated charges. Make sure you have reviewed and understood the current EC2 charging plans before proceeding with the deployment.


To launch the Kaa sanbox on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), go through the following steps.


  1. Launch the AMI using the links in the following table:

    Amazon EC2 offers a number of geographic regions for launching the AMI. Factors for choosing a region include: reduce latency, cost, or regulatory requirements.
    To launch an AMI for a specific region, please use the download page.


  2. On Choose an Instance Type step, choose the appropriate instance type. For optimal performance we recommended that you use at least m3.large instance type, or more powerful.

  3. On Configure Instance Details step, change values in the fields as appropriate or leave default values.
  4. On Add Storage step, add additional volumes as appropriate.

    The number of instance store devices available on the machine depends on the instance type. EBS volumes are not recommended for the database storage.

  5. On Tag Instance step, give a name to your instance, for example, kaa-sandbox-0.8.0

  6. On Configure Security Group step, select one of the following options.
    1. Create a new security group with the inbound open ports:

      ProtocolPort RangeSource
    2. Select the created security group.
  7. On Review Instance Launch step, make any changes as appropriate.
  8. Click Launch and then in the Select an existing key pair or Create a new key pair dialog, do one of the following:
    • Select an existing key pair from the Select a key pair drop list.
    • If you need to create a new key pair, click Create a new key pair. Then create the new key pair as described in Creating a key pair.
  9. Click Launch InstancesThe Launch Status page will be displayed.


  10. Click View Instances.
  11. After launching Kaa Sandbox instance, go to <your_instance_public_dns>:9080/sandbox or <your_instance_public_ip>:9080/sandbox URL. Public DNS or IP of your instance are available from your instance description.

  12. For more information about Kaa Sandbox please visit this page.

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