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Kaa provides administrators with the ability to monitor system performance out of the box. This information can be used to predict negative performance issues in the future.

Accessing performance information

Each Kaa node exposes a number of system performance metrics through the JMX technology. The easiest way to access the metrics information is by using JConsole, a JMX-compliant tool that comes as a part of the JDK.

The default JMX port for Kaa is 7091.

Performance metrics description

The metrics described in this section are available in the org.kaaproject.kaa.metrics domain.

OS information

Metric name


system-load-averageThe system load average for the last minute.

Memory usage

Metric nameDescription
heap-memory-usage.mbThe current memory usage of the heap memory that used for object allocation, in MB.
non-heap-memory-usage.mbThe current memory usage of non-heap memory, in MB.

Thread system

Metric nameDescription
thread-countThe current number of live threads (including both daemons and non-daemons).

Remote connections

Metric nameDescription
sessionInitMeterThe current number of session initialization requests processed.
sessionRequestMeterThe current number of session messages processed.
sessionResponseMeterThe current number of session message responses.
redirectMeterThe current number of session messages redirected to other nodes.
errorMeterThe current number of errors during message processing.

Each thread that handles a remote connection has a set of metrics sharing the names above, followed by the thread name. For example, a thread named foo manages a set of metrics called sessionRequestMeter.foo, sessionResponseMeter.foo, and so on.

Third-party component metrics

The JMX metrics for the third-party components used by Kaa, such as the Java MongoDB driver or Ehcache, can be observed in their respective domains.


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