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Use the following instructions to build the Objective-C endpoint SDK for iOS. 

First, ensure the following components are installed on your machine.

  • XCode 7.x or later
  • CocoaPods 0.39.0 or later

Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Generate the Objective-C endpoint SDK in Admin UI.
  2. Download and untar the Kaa Objective-C SDK archive.
  3. Run the following command with script available in the SDK root directory:

    ./build.sh compile


Under the hood Objective-C endpoint SDK uses CocoaLumberjack framework for logging. By default SDK logs only warnings and errors. In order to change current SDK logging level open Kaa/KaaLogging.m file and assign to ddLogLevel variable one of the following constants:

  • DDLogLevelVerbose
  • DDLogLevelDebug
  • DDLogLevelInfo
  • DDLogLevelWarning
  • DDLogLevelError
  • DDLogLevelAll
  • DDLogLevelOff



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