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This guide explains how to resolve some common issues while using Kaa as well as how to report issues to the Kaa Crew for getting help.

How to's

How to change the service logging level


Go to Kaa Sandbox web UI and select "Management" menu item in the upper right corner. In the "Kaa server logs" section you will see combo-box with current log-level for server logs.



Select the required log level and click the "Update" button. If you want to delete old log files, mark the "clean up old logfiles" checkbox.



  1. Connect to your Kaa Sandbox via ssh:

  2. Stop the Kaa service:

  3. Change the log level for the Kaa service:

    In the lines:


    replace "INFO" with the required log level, for example "TRACE";
    then save the changes: press Ctrl+X, enter "y" in a dialog line and press Enter.

  4. Start the Kaa service:


Supported log levels

Use the following log levels according to the log purpose.

Log levelDescription
OFFTurns off logging
ERRORLogs run time errors or unexpected conditions that the program can gracefully recover from
WARNINGLogs same as previous, plus unexpected or undesirable run time conditions that are not necessarily affecting the program
INFOLogs same as previous, plus important or interesting run time events that help understand what the program is doing at the moment


Logs same as previous, plus detailed information according to the logical work flow of the system
TRACELogs same as previous, plus the most detailed information intended for development and debugging purposes only

How to clear the Kaa logs

  1. Connect to your Kaa Sandbox via ssh:

  2. Stop the Kaa service:

  3. Clear the Kaa logs:

  4. Start the Kaa service:

How to download the Kaa logs from the Sandbox



Go to Kaa Sandbox web UI and in a upper right corner select "Management" menu item. Click the "Download logs" button in the "Kaa server logs" section.



The Kaa service logs can be found under /var/log/kaa:

  • kaa-none.* files contain log information from the Kaa service component.

You can download logs from the Sandbox guest machine to the host machine as follows:

If the host OS is Linux, run the following in the terminal:

If the host OS is Windows, do the following:

  1. Install WinSCP.
  2. Connect to <YOUR-SANDBOX-IP> via WinSCP. User: kaa. Password: kaa.
  3. Copy logs from /var/log/kaa/ to your PC.


How to restart Kaa service

  1. Connect to your Kaa Sandbox via ssh:

  2. Restart Kaa service:


ERROR when assembling binary for a Kaa applicaton demo from the Sandbox

Error descriptionPossible causeSolutionRelated documentation

Unexpected error occurred: 500 Server Error

Unexpected service error occurred: 500 Server Error


By default, the Kaa Sandbox components are not accessible from the host network.

Change the Sandbox host/IP on web UI or execute the following script in the Sandbox:

Kaa Sandbox - Networking


Reporting issues to the Kaa Crew

You may seek help at the Kaa official forum by participating in existing topic discussions or, if no relevant topic was found, by starting a new topic, describing your issue and attaching logs. Please make sure the issue has not been yet addressed in other topics on the forum or in this guide.

Before sending logs to the Kaa forum follow these steps:

  1. Change the log level for the Kaa service to “TRACE”.

  2. Clear the Kaa logs.

  3. Reproduce your issue.

  4. Download the Kaa logs from the Sandbox.

  5. Create an archive file with your logs.
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