We welcome you to join our rapidly growing community!

As an open-source project, we thrive from contributions by people like to you to create the best possible platform for developing IoT solutions. We would love to see you mastering Kaa’s source code, however, writing code is not the only way to contribute. There are many other options, such as providing ideas, suggestions and comments in Kaa forum discussions, testing features and new releases, and reviewing and improving the documentation. Every contribution counts — below you will find more information on how you can play a role.

Joining the forum

You can join our forum to provide feedback, make features and functionality suggestions, ask questions, help other community members, or get in touch with our engineering team.

Testing releases or issuing bug reports

You can report your findings by creating a bug in Jira®. Please provide as much detail as possible so that any identified issues can be effectively resolved.

Improving documentation

To propose the improvements to the official Kaa documentation, you will need to create a “Documentation” ticket in Jira, draft your suggested changes in the description, and specify where in the documentation the new text should be inserted. Afterwards, you will need to move the ticket to the “in review” state. Once approved, we will make the corresponding changes to the documentation materials and close the ticket as “done”.

Contributing to the source code

If you are willing to contribute to the Kaa code base, or to submit sample applications for Kaa Sandbox, you will need to register at Kaa public Jira®, and then fill out and sign the Individual Contributor Licensing Agreement (ICLA). If you are contributing on behalf of an organization you would also need to sign the Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA). Please sign, scan and send the forms to [email protected].

To contribute to the source code, you will need to create a ticket describing the proposed change in Jira®.

We prefer that you contribute by submitting GitHub® pull requests and posting a pull request link in corresponding Jira® tickets. The Kaa open-source project is located here. If for some reason you are unable to contribute through GitHub®, please contact us and we’ll find a way to get you going.

After you submit your GitHub® pull request, please provide a detailed description of your changes in the corresponding Jira® ticket, and then move the ticket to the “in review” state.

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